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Perfect Streamer – guaranteed delivery of video streams anywhere in the world without using expensive networks

About the product

Perfect Streamer® is software for delivering digital streams of television channels via public Internet network anywhere in the world in Point-to-Point mode.

It uses proprietary protocol Perfect Stream that ensures reliable and stable video stream delivery without using expensive networks.

Also, standard transport protocols Pro-MPEG, SRT and RIST are supported. This allows to organize channels both via Perfect Streamer® and other software or hardware supporting the protocols:

  • Perfect Stream transport protocol works on the principle of Automatic Repeat reQuest (ARQ). It has low resource consumption and allows to transmit high bitrate streams.
  • Pro-MPEG COP3 is described in the IEEE standard. It is supported by a number of hardware manufacturers. Its important advantage is low latency. Its disadvantages are high network traffic and poor functioning in case of large packet loss (more than 0.3%).
  • SRT is an open protocol designed by Haivision. Based on the UDT protocol. It has wide distribution and good packet loss performance.
  • RIST - New open protocol. Based on the RTP/RTCP protocol. Works on the Automatic Repeat request (ARQ) setting without ACK, only NACK, which ensures high efficiency. Uses unicast and multicast.

Key features

  • Linux operating system;
  • IP SD/HD/UHD video streaming to 60 Mbit/s or higher for each stream;
  • Supporting three different protocols for streaming via public networks. Loss may reach 40% and latency (RTT) may reach one second;
  • UDP and RTP protocols are supported for local network;
  • For supporting other transport protocols connection of external utilities (ffmpeg, gstreamer etc.) is available;
  • MPEG-TS stream analysis, diagnosing problems;
  • Stream synchronization and jitter elimination;
  • Correction of PCR marks in the video stream (PCR Fix);
  • Modification of MPEG-TS stream: filtration on the basis of PID, PID modification, change of the language metadata;
  • Storage of diagnostics data in the local database;
  • Displaying graphs;
  • Encryption of streams using AES 128/256-bit algorithm;
  • Visual display of content of streams («Mosaic»);
  • XMLTV server. XMLTV import from external sources;
  • Working with EPG. Data extraction from the stream and data aggregation in XMLTV format;
  • MPEG-TS multiplexor;
  • EIT generator for SPTS stream and multiplexor;
  • Modifying broadcaster’s metadata in MPEG-TS (SDT etc.);
  • Working with multiprogram MPEG-TS (MPTS);
  • Working with DVB-cards (DVB-S, DVB-S2, DVB-T2, etc.), Receiving FTA channels;
  • Stream transcoding directly in the streaming server to specified format and bitrate, using compatible hardware. Supporting all formats SD/HD/UHD and MPEG-2/H.264/H.265/AV1 (optional).

Advantages of using

  • Stable functioning via the public Internet;
  • Distribution of video streams from one server to any country of the world with minimum expenses on infrastructure;
  • Easy maintenance by one dispatcher;
  • Streaming in difficult conditions where packet loss is high (up to 40%), and Internet connection is poor (latency up to 1000 ms);
  • Works on any standard hardware suitable for installing operating systems Linux CentOS, Ubuntu, Oracle Linux etc.;
  • Low hardware requirements;
  • High performance: over 20 Gbit/s of traffic from one server;
  • Real-time monitoring of video stream delivery quality, on the client-side too;
  • Statistics, graphs and reports on video stream delivery;
  • Correction of broken PCR labels in video streams, especially important when receiving low-quality HLS video streams;
  • Supporting standard transport protocols at the server output for delivery to destination hardware of the recipient: UDP Unicast, UDP Multicast, RTP, HTTP, HLS, SRT, RIST, Pro-MPEG etc.;
  • Capturing TV signal from multiple streams into one with automatic switching function in case of disabling one of the sources;
  • Encryption of streams using AES 128/256-bit algorithm to fulfill the requirements of right holders related to streaming security via public Internet network;
  • User-friendly modern web interface for controlling the software product, adapted for controlling from the screen of any device, including a smartphone;
  • Reception of FTA-channels from satellite or digital terrestrial television without the use of additional software, just DVB-cards installed on the server are enough;
  • Quick setup and putting into operation, taking literally 10 minutes;
  • Professional activation and security system;
  • Integration with Zabbix and other monitoring systems (on order, there are ready-made scripts);
  • On-the-fly TV stream transcoding function in the streaming or receiving server to specified format and bitrate. Supports solutions using compatible hardware from Intel and Nvidia (optional).

Main clients and use cases

TV operators and Internet providers

Television channels and video content makers

Online cinemas

Aggregators of television channels and content

Online streaming over long distances between sending and receiving points

Streaming any type of video traffic over long distances, for example, between continents etc

Success stories

  • One of the world's largest OTT services uses our product to connect its broadcast platforms all over the world. Every day for seven years more than 1 000 000 subscribers have been watching TV with maximum stability thanks to our transport protocol;
  • Guaranteed delivery of video streams of television channels via public Internet network from the city of Moscow to the IPTV-network of the largest Internet provider in the Middle East for more than five years;
  • Guaranteed delivery of video streams of TV channels via public Internet network to a number of national operators in CIS countries for more than three years;
  • Delivery of the signal of federal TV channels together with local advertisements to hotel chains in South East Asia via the public Internet.

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